Legal Video Made Simple

Soft Clip Legaliser for broadcast-safe video in Avid Media Composer

Install and legalise in minutes. Learn how, see video above.

A great alternative to hardware legalisers, perfect for file-based mastering.

Designed specifically for Avid Media Composer, this LUT legalises video levels to be broadcast safe. RGB and Luma are corrected to be within EBU-R103 gamut requirements.

Simple to set up!


Install LUT into Media Composer


Add the Colour LUT effect to the top track


Output master and pass QC!

Before vs After LegalLUTs


Which version of Media Composer is the Legaliser LUT compatible with?

The Legaliser LUT is compatible with Media Composer v2018.1 to v2021.12, on Mac or PC.

What range of signal levels does the Legaliser LUT limit to?

The Legaliser LUT limits Luma between 0% and 100% and RGB components between 0mV and 700mV. This is very conservative legalising and is well within broadcasters’ tolerances.

Will the Legaliser LUT ensure my masters are EBU-R103 compliant?

Yes. All material passed through the Legaliser LUT will be within the EBU-R103 specification.

Why can't I just use the Media Composer Safe Color Limiter?

The Safe Color Limiter effect works, with the correct settings, but offers hard clipping only.

What is the advantage of soft-clip legalising over hard clipping?

Soft clipping gives more visually pleasing results, retaining detail rather than simply clipping off any illegal values.

Will the Legaliser LUT legalise video in editors other than Media Composer?

No. When using the LUT in Premiere Pro and FCPX, signals are clipped to the incorrect levels. The Legaliser LUT has been designed and tested specifically for Media Composer.

What formats will this LUT legalise?

The LUT was made for all Media Composer HD formats. It will also work with any of the Media Composer project formats labelled ‘709’, including UHD and 4K SDR formats. HDR is not supported.

Is this a real-time process or will I need to render?

Using the Legaliser LUT in Media Composer is real-time. There is no need to render.

Can I use the Legaliser LUT in a shared Avid environment?

Yes. When the LUT is used in a project, Media Composer automatically creates a copy of the LUT and places it in the project folder. In a shared environment anyone can open a sequence with the LUT applied without having to install the LUT themselves.

Legal Video Made Simple


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